Bogwood comes from trees and their roots that fall into peat bogs and are preserved for a very long time, protected from animals, rain or anything else that can break down wood.

These professionally sourced pieces of bogwood are considered an extremely attractive piece of ornamentation for an aquarium, either as a large centre piece for the tank or just as an addition. Not only can it add some natural beauty to a tank but it can also help lower the hardness of the water over time.

It's not just aquariums bogwood is suited for, it also makes an excellent accompaniment to any vivarium. Due to its irregular shape and strength it can be perfect for reptiles looking to shed their skin or even just get a little higher in the vivarium.

It doesn't stop there either, bogwood is increasingly being used as a decorative ornament in homes as a centre piece for a table or window display. It's tortured knot of roots is a perfect starting place for adding decoration and personalisation.

We have all different sizes of bogwood, starting with small pieces for just £5 and going up to very large pieces for £50.

Aquarium personalisation comes down to your own preference. There is the full natural look with bogwood, plants, rocks and stones. The themed aquarium with resin ornaments depicting sunken ships, cars, treasures or just about anything else. Regardless of what you pick the fish will be greatful for the landscaping done to their tank, providing them with areas to hide, breed and just keep busy with.

We stock all varieties of ornaments, with new stock coming in every week.

When looking to spruce up a vivarium for your reptile it is important to try and provide or enhance the way your vivarium suits the requirements of the animal. If you have an arboreal snake you're going to want to add height and greenery to the viv.

Decorations can also be important just to provide extra climbing room, distractions or novelty to your viv. Turn your vivarium into a true centrepiece piece of furniature in your home with our selection of vivarium decorations.