Want something specific?

We have a wide net of suppliers, breeders and friends based around the UK and Europe that can get hold of a huge variety of reptiles and fish.

If you're searching for a specific species of animal we can help you track it down. By leaving your details with us we can get in touch with you if we ever see them available either from our breeders or internationally.

Are you a breeder?

If you're a reptile/fish breeder yourself we would be interested to hear from you, regardless of the size of your operation. We purchase animals for cash or for shop credit. We are constantly looking to source animals from breeders in the UK.

Need a partner for your pet?

We are happy to try and pair some of our animals with yours if you're looking to breed and we have what you need. The return depends on your part in the process but we will usually incubate and keep the babies for ourselves, either giving you some of the babies or shop credit.

Shop Details
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Monday - Saturday: 10am - 5:30pm
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