Malawi Cichlid Flake

The same stuff we sell in our store that our customers swear by. It's so good we use it ourselves! The perfect spirulina/vegetable based mix for Cichlids but readily taken by just about everything.

Ingredients: Deriviatives of vegetable origin, fish & fish deriviatives, cereals, vegetables, moluscs & crustaceans, oils & fats, yeast, algae, minerals.

35% Protein, 1% Fibre, 9% Fat, 6% Ash

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Algae Wafers

Dessicated algae tablets for feeding plecos, bottom feeders and shrimp.

Ingredients: Plant protein concentrates, shells, algae, fish & fish by-products, cereal, dried yeast, garlic, spirulina, fat, lecithin, antioxidants.

44% Protein, 5% Fats & oils, 2% Fibre, 6% Ash
Vitamin A UI(IE)kg 24.000, Vitamin D3 IU(IE)kg 4.000, Vitamin E mg/kg 300, Vitamin C mg/kg 120.

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Discus Granules

Nutrient rich food for feeding discus and other fish that like a high protein diet.

Ingredients: 54% Protein, 13% Oil, 0.4% Fibre, 11.1% Ash

Vitamin A UI(IE)kg 28.000, Vitamin D3 IU(IE)kg 2.800, Vitamin E mg/kg 250, Vitamin C mg/kg 375.

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Turtle Mix

A varied selection of turtle foods all mixed up to give you everything your turtle needs.

Ingredients: River shrimp, silkworm, mealworms, whole fish & earthworms

57% Protein, 15% Fats & oils, 4% Fibre, 8% Ash

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